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A firest symbolizing our mind and the mechanism of self-sabotage

Have you ever had a plan or something you look forward to, and it feels SO RIGHT, you REALLY want to achieve it, experience it?...but...

punctually, something stops you all the time? Every single time, something happens that delays or even completely stops your plans, and you end up staying where you are, doing what you do.

It may be that you SABOTAGE YOURSELF.

I did it to myself for years!

So -regrettably- I'm an expert on this topic!

Fortunately, thanks to my spiritual work, all the yoga, meditation, breathing, and tons of awareness, I have learned to recognize my disruptive patterns and take control of my mind.

First of all: how do you recognize when you are sabotaging yourself?

Have a look at the graphic below: you can do it in many ways, but these 3 are the most common ones:

List of 3 ways you sabotage yourself

Let's have a closer look:

1. Procrastination, staying within your comfort zone, avoiding change.

Your goal is clear in your head: it may be a book you are writing or a project you are working on. You know that you might step into a new phase of your life once you finish it. Isn't it awesome?

Apparently, for the Ego, it isn't!

The Ego loves the known, the usual patterns, with the usual outcome and the usual feelings.

The Ego fears the unknown, the new habits, and taking actions without knowing what will happen afterward.

2. Perfectionism, setting goals that are too high or too low to ensure success.

You see a job that fits you perfectly, you are thinking of opening a Youtube channel or exposing yourself to public speaking.

You love the idea, make plans, even buy the equipment you need, BUt start seeing all the things you still cannot do, or the equipment you don't have.

And you convince yourself that you are not yet ready to do XYZ.

Does it sound familiar?

Keep reading!

3. Weak personal boundaries.

Someone asks you to join a party, and you don't want to go because you plan to work on your project. Nevertheless, you say yes, even if you want to say no.

You invest time in something that drains your energy instead of replenishing it, just to please other people and be sure they keep liking you. You are afraid that saying "no" will ruin your relationship with that person.

What a mess the human mind is!

Why do we do this to ourselves?

The root cause of self-sabotage is a weakness in your energy field that prevents you from creating change.

The root cause of self-sabotage is a weakness in your energy field that prevents you from creating change. Your energy field is weak and has low vibrations when you have unhealed childhood wounds; you feel unworthy, not good enough, have a fear of change, a controlling Ego, and a solid attachment to known and familiar situations.

Last but not least, you feel unworthy of a better reality, so you convince yourself that you will fail and stop yourself from changing.

The profound root of this energetic weakness is a misalignment in your chakras (energy centers) and, in general, in your energy flow.

Your energy, for a multitude of reasons, can become blocked or stagnant. This can happen due to trauma, negative experiences, limiting beliefs, and even physical ailments.

There are many different ways to heal your energy field and overcome self-sabotage.

If you are ready to heal this part of yourself, but you don't know where to start, you can book a free call with me and we will discuss how I can support you.

I will teach you how to identify and clear energy blockages, balance your energy and work with it so that you can transform your insecurities and blockages into resilience and power.

In the meantime, there is some important work on yourself you can do, in your everyday life! Follow the steps below:

List of 6 steps to overcome self-sabotage


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