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When you keep having the same experiences, meeting the same kind of people, and living the same situations over and over again, at some point, you might ask yourself why!

You might have an energetic blockage, or you made life choices not aligned with your true soul purpose, or—and this is today’s topic—you may have karmic debts from a past lifetime. Karmic debts from past lifetimes are a powerful and impactful force that can shape our current lives. Understanding these debts and their signs can help us navigate through life with greater clarity and purpose.

I strongly recommend a past life regression and a numerology decoding to get crystal clear insight about our karmic situation.

However, there is a lot you can do just by being self-aware because having unresolved karmic debts has very distinctive signs:

1. If you hurt someone, the bad energy comes back to you very quickly and tenfold

When you hurt someone—and if you have unresolved karmic debts, you might do it quite often, even without realizing it—the bad energy you create through this act will come back to you quickly and tenfold, often manifesting in unexpected and painful ways.

This is because karmic debts operate on a cause-and-effect principle, where our actions have repercussions in both this lifetime and past lives.

When you hurt someone, whether it be through verbal or physical abuse, manipulation, or even just neglect, you create negative energy that accumulates over time. This energy seeks to be resolved and may come back to you through karmic debts. As a result, you might experience recurring painful events or situations that are somehow “designed” to teach you valuable life lessons and help you heal from the past.

2. You experience recurring painful events

Another sign that you may have karmic debts from a past lifetime is that you keep experiencing painful events that seem to keep repeating themselves. These recurring painful events can range from minor inconveniences to major setbacks and challenges. They may occur in various areas of your life, such as relationships, careers, or even physical health.

The repetitive nature of these painful events is often a sign that unresolved issues from your past are resurfacing to be healed. Karmic debts play a significant role in shaping these experiences, as they are meant to serve as reminders that you need to address your wrongdoings or negative actions from past lives. By understanding and acknowledging these karmic debts, you can start to heal and make positive changes in your life and finally use all your energies in your favor.

3. You're often forced to "learn a life lesson"

Life lessons seem to come at us in cycles, and this can be another sign that you have karmic debts from a past lifetime. They can often feel repetitive, like you're constantly having to learn the same lesson over and over again.

Understanding and accepting these life lessons is crucial for karmic debt resolution. They are meant to guide you toward making better choices and developing healthier habits. By embracing these lessons and taking responsibility for your actions, you begin the process of clearing your karmic debts and transcending to a higher vibrational state.

4. You feel like something invisible is constantly holding you back

Karmic debts can also create a sense of feeling held back or trapped in your current life. You might feel like there's something invisible holding you back from reaching your full potential or experiencing true happiness. This invisible barrier can make life seem difficult and frustrating, leaving you with a sense of dissatisfaction and longing for something more.

Understanding and resolving your karmic debts can help you break free from these invisible shackles. It allows you to break free from the past and live a more fulfilling and purposeful life. By working on releasing these negative energies and patterns, you can free yourself from the karmic debts that have had an impact on your life.

5. You had/have a toxic relationship with a karmic partner

Karmic debts can also manifest in our relationships, particularly with karmic partners. These partners often have a profound impact on our well-being and can drain our energy, making us feel constantly exhausted. It is as if our past selves have created an energetic bond that needs to be resolved in order to move forward with our lives.

Identifying karmic partners can be challenging; they are often highly triggering and challenging.

However, by acknowledging the signs and taking proactive steps to heal and break the cycle, you can find relief from the pain and toxicity of these relationships. This starts with self-reflection and self-forgiveness, followed by setting healthy boundaries and releasing any negative emotions or resentment towards the other person.

In conclusion, karmic debts from a past lifetime can manifest in various ways, including experiencing very fast cause-effect scenarios, recurring painful events, repetitive life lessons, invisible holdbacks, and toxic relationships. By recognizing and understanding these signs, we can gain insight into our karmic debts and take proactive steps toward healing and resolving them. This journey requires self-awareness, acceptance of life lessons, and a commitment to breaking free from negative patterns.

If you feel that you might have karmic debts and want to understand them more deeply, I offer past life regression and numerology sessions.

These are formidable tools for decoding karma and discovering your true soul purpose.

By exploring your past lives and understanding your numerological profile, you can gain clarity and make empowered choices that align with your highest good.

Contact me to schedule a session or book online and begin your journey toward a more balanced and fulfilling life!


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