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Discover 3 of Your Core Numbers and Their Energies in 2 Simple Steps

Tap into your unique energies with this 32-page guide and learn how to live in harmony with your true self, embracing a life of flow, abundance, and health.

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Are you a spiritually curious soul, seeking deeper self-understanding?
Do you feel disconnected from your true purpose and want to realign your life with abundance, love, and health?

This guide is perfect for you if you want to reconnect with your true purpose using an ancient, proven method of reading energies, allowing you to quickly tap into the core of your being and immediately shift your energy to live a more fulfilling life. Numbers are powerful and immediate!

You carry certain energies from the day you were born: discover them, they are yours!
What you will get with your FREE Numerology Guide:


✔ A complete introduction to the philosophy behind the method, to easily and quickly get into the right mindset

✔ Simple steps to easily calculate your three core numbers starting from your date of birth

✔ Detailed descriptions of the energies to associate with your numbers, so that you can learn about their positive and negative manifestations

✔ Practical clean karma tips to get actionable guidance to maintain positive energy flow and turn challenges into strengths.


  • Longing to dive deeper into yourself and explore the energetic dimensions of your being?

  • Seeking to understand the bigger picture of your existence?

  • Curious about gaining insights into your life's purpose and the reasons behind your journey?

  • Wanting to begin uncovering the secrets of karma and learn how to avoid building up more negative karma?

  • Tired of running in circles and repeating the same experiences?

  • Searching for a golden key to begin unlocking a new dimension of yourself?


This FREE Numerology Guide is your key to unlocking a deeper understanding of yourself and aligning with your true purpose. By discovering your core birth energies, you'll gain clarity, begin to transform negative patterns and start creating a life filled with abundance and fulfillment.

Hi I'm Anandani, nice to meet you!

Since 2016, I have guided spiritually curious souls like you through yoga, past life regression, and numerology to uncover your purpose, transcend limitations, reshape your narrative, and align with your aspirations to create vitality, abundance, and magnificence.

As a corporate escapee turned yoga teacher and soul evolution mentor, I blissfully transformed my life completely at the age of 40. After corporate life left me feeling purposeless and on the brink of burnout, I discovered the importance of uncovering my soul’s purpose and life tasks.

Now, I empower YOU to take charge of your life and health through mentoring, numerology, past life regression, and yoga, helping you discover your life purpose and fully utilize your energies to create a fulfilling reality shaped by your own design!

Ready to discover your numbers?
Don’t wait any longer.

Start your journey now with this FREE Numerology Guide and reconnect with the depths of your soul. 


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