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Past  Life  Regression

What is a Past Life Regression ?

A past life regression is an exploration of your subconscious.

It's a guided, deep meditation in which you watch the key events of one of your past lives.

The purpose is to heal physical symptoms, traumas, and emotional blockages. The healing takes place within you once you get conscious of the root causes of the symptoms you experience in this life.

Besides healing, watching your past lives brings messages of wisdom, as every past life has an important lesson that helps you understand your current life and become free from fears, emotional blockages, psychosomatic disorders.


With a past life regression, you can:

  • Remember and embody your talents and gifts

  • Understand the root causes of your fears and emotional blocks

  • Gain insight into your soul's purpose

  • See people your know but in other roles, healing problematic relationships

  • Reconnect with your feminine/masculine side


Each session lasts approximately 3 hours and consists of two parts:


You will lay down, and after a deep relaxation of your physical body, I will guide you into your energy body and into the past life that will give you the answers you seek at that moment. During the regression, you will be in a trance state, although fully aware. I will support you in navigating your past life, talking to you all the time, and asking questions.

At the end of the session, you will release all the negative emotions that originated in that life and that you still carry in this life.

Eventually, I will bring you back to the present moment gradually and safely.


We will talk about you and your background and eventually clarify the key issue to work on.

It’s essential that after the session you take your time to rest and reflect and avoid activities that require concentration or physical strength. It’s your time to integrate, and the healing will take place also for several days and nights after the session, with you processing all the new information you collected.


A past life regression is a beautiful process, and you will be totally safe, as you will watch the past life and not re-living your past experiences: this will bring you only more clarity and understanding of yourself in this life.

Besides traumatic events, you will see which skills and talents you had in that life, and this will lead you to a more aligned and fulfilled present life. 

You will feel inspired to reconnect with your essence, your source, your natural talents that maybe you had neglected so far.

Get ready for profound healing
and a rapid energy shift

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